Monday, September 21, 2009

How to set-up MagicJack for beginners?
Simple 5 Step Magic Jack sign up instruction.

1.) Plug&Play initial pop-up screen

Magic Jack photos of Magic Jack sign up process (1 of 5)

Magic Jack photos of Magic Jack sign up process (2 of 5)

2.) Enter Email Address & Password then click NEXT - If possible, use an email address you can access for a long time.

Magic Jack photos of Magic Jack sign up process (3 of 5)

3.) Enter Name, Address & Connection type then click NEXT.

Magic Jack photos of Magic Jack sign up process (4 of 5)

4.) Select State/Province, Area Code Prefix & check little box then click NEXT

Magic Jack Area Codes are NOT yet available in Alaska–AK, Hawaii–HI, New Hampshire-NH
See updated Magic Jack Area Codes in this blog.

TAKE YOUR TIME! You will have LOTS of Options! Pick Area Code, then available local exchange (prefix). If your local Area Code is NOT available yet, you may want to pick one that is a local # for a distant relative, so you could both call each other for free at any time. Check which local exchanges are local to this person! (Many people wish they had taken their time on this.)  IF your Area Code becomes available, you can switch to it ONCE - FREE! To switch again will cost $10.00.  You DO NOT have to "worry" about Last 4 Numbers, as those will be selected for you automatically. Got it?

IMPORTANT NOTE: One setting for your account lets you choose to either talk by Phone OR using a headset. Be SURE it is set to Phone or you will NOT be able to Hear the Other person talking to You! Many people just forget about this, then complain Magic Jack does not work. If you use it via headset, remember to change it back! Also please don't forget to check the little box that say "I elect to accept free outgoing service" otherwise you won't be able to make outgoing calls & restrict your MagicJack to just receive incoming calls only.

Magic Jack photos of Magic Jack sign up process (5 of 5)

5.) Read and check little box after reading Terms of Service then click NEXT
(Link to Terms of Service here). Finished.

Congratulation! You’ve just finished this simple registration process. Now you can enjoy talking to people with your new MagicJack device and start saving money.

Posted by Robert Bacaycay On 2:47 PM 3 comments


  1. I am new at this kind of stuff, so this is probably a stupid question, but after I follow the registration instructions then what phone do I use? Does it automatically somehow take over my landline and work with my old landline phone? And I don't have to do anything to make this happen? Do I keep my old phone plugged into the regular landline plug in the wall or what?

  2. You have to remove the rj11 plug in the wall and plug it to the magicjack, then the magic jack will be plug to internet modem. That's it!

  3. How do I register magic jack app for Android devices


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