Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1. Visit the My.MagicJack menu account management site, by going to
2. Login using your username or telephone number and the password you created during your registration. If you do not remember the password, click "Remind me by email."
3. Click on "My Subscription" and then "RENEW"
4. Choose your renewal term. You can renew your license for one year, three years or five years.
5. Enter your credit card information, including your billing address and zip code, to complete your renewal.

Posted by Robert Bacaycay On 5:27 PM 12 comments


  1. will it work immediately after renewal?

  2. after step 5.. whats next then?

  3. i already did the 5 steps that you are instructing but after encoding all the infos about renewal and credit card infos.. still the magic jack still doesnt work..why is that?

  4. This has proven to be a scam. I had a magic Jack and a Magic Jack Plus and when I tried to renew them both by credit card online, it was not done and my attempts to sort it out with their "Live Chat" proved futile. They say my account is with their Higher Department, whatever that means and that is since February of this year. Its all designed to get you to buy a new Magic jack

  5. what is magic subscription code

    1. Magic subscription code is some form of verification that the email address and subscriber is one and the same. Imagine if your voice massages are being sent to foreign email. This is done to protect security of subscribers.

  6. After step 5 click "submit" and then wait for email notification.

  7. IT IS NOT A SCAM. The strong security system that protects online payment transactions cause many of the issues experienced when trying to pay magicjack online. It has alot to do with your geographical location, the name on the card as opposed to the name on the magicjack account. I am a magicjack agent and can provide insight into many of the cloudy issues around magicjack. Of course we all know of their chat "support" so i have been trying to be support to my customers directly and advise anyone in need of my wealth of experience with magicjack. We have worked out a system with magicjack to get renewals done for customers experiencing these issues and those who do not have a credit card to pay magicjack directly. We have advertised this on ebay and soon on Amazon.

  8. is our facebook page. Please Like...

    Problems paying magicjack online ??????
    Don't want to risk giving magicjack your credit card number ??????
    Or you simply don't have a means to pay magicjack online ??????

    WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! Just send us your magicjack account information (number/email/account name), pay us the requested fee (US$40) by paypal and we will sort out the rest. This is a system we have worked out with magicjack to especially facilitate many of our customers and other magicjack users who may not have a credit card or may have had difficulty with paying magicjack online. At our behest Magicjack has worked out this clerical system to facilitate such customers through us. HOWEVER, because this is a clerical system it takes 5-20 working days for the renewals or service requests to come through. This is the only drawback about this BUT IT IS GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK. We send account requests to magicjack on a weekly basis for account requests to be done in batches; this is the reason for the lengthy delay of the service as the batches are worked on manually by a magicjack desk.

    We stand behind this 100% and are always working to get accounts done at the fastest time possible. Before giving negative feedback we appeal to you to contact us to work out any problems or delays, as we are here to serve you and are always in contact with the magicjack desk to ensure things go smoothly.

    We are working with magicjack on a more expedient procedure to facilitate customers with payment issues but for now we make use of this most useful facility. We strive to provide the best service to you.



  10. I had the free app. It expired. What do I do? Go to viber or line?

  11. So let me get this right. You want me to send you $40.00 for a one year renewal because MJ refuses to accept my CC payment from outside the US. I read that once your account is "under review" like mine has been for 4 months now that they will not allow renewals to take place. Even if I renew now from within the US my account has been frozen and I will be unable to renew. You claim to be able to override this lockout somehow and that you work for MJ. Why can't they just release the account an let us renew through a US computer? Also, if they taut this device as the best solution for international users why don't they accommodate people like us who have moved out of the US to be able to call our friends and family back home? I live in Panama and actually use my MJ to have my company phone ring here. I have been unable to make calls (I still receive them) from my MJ from a month before my renewal date! Fortunately I also have a Nettalk device that works just fine and I make my outgoing calls using that one. I am about to port my number to my Nettalk device and shit can this MJ piece of crap. Funny thing is it worked perfectly for me in the states and up until four months ago when the renewal process was rejected by them. Renewal goes fine until I get a message saying my CVC three digit CC number is invalid. Doesn't matter what card I use. Then after grueling marathon sessions with their worthless Live Chat morons I am told my account is "under review" and that I should look for a response in my email. No time is given and rightly so because they know absolutely nothing about the device or how the system works. They say I should not keep trying to renew until I get a response. When I tell them I use this phone for my BUSINESS they come back with their scripted sympathy line about how they feel bad and they apologize. That is not customer service. That's stroking the customer. I have had it with these bozos and I want to warn anyone wanting to use MJ who lives outside the US/Canada to stay away. Nettalk may be the better choice although it took them 9 months to fix a problem I had with their device which turned out to be a software upgrade issue. After plugging my device directly into my computer I was able to upgrade the device's software with some simple instructions from Nettalk. But nine months to get that answer. Seriously. These outfits need to get their shit together and have real customer service. This is a black eye on the VoIP industry.


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