Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The 3rd generation 2014 Magic Jack WiFi is the newest development of the magicJack series, developed by VocalTec Communications Limited.  This highly advanced device is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2013.  There are a number of exciting new developments with the new magicJack WiFi, including functions that are expected it to make it the easiest, and most convenient Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices ever.

With previous new models of the Magic Jack products, including the magicJack Plus, the anticipated release date has typically been well prior to its actual release date.  With a previously anticipated release date within the first quarter the 2013, it is more likely that the device will be released by the beginning of the third quarter of this year.

This is expected to be one of the most complex and sophisticated pieces of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology that has ever been released, which could be part of the reason why the product has experienced such a long delay in its release.  The magicJack WiFi’s new features are expected to make it much more useful for home use, but it is also expected to be much more practical than previous devices for small business owners as well. The magicJack WiFi is expected to feature a new chipset that greatly enhances the device’s capabilities.  Increased power of the device will allow it to more easily handle increased telephones.  In fact, the device is expected to be able to allow for connection to dozens of telephones without any issues.

In addition to the MagicJack Plus chip’s 14 current functions, the magicJack WiFi is expected to gain another 7 new functions.  This new TJ980 chip delivers a dedicated high-speed local bus for Wi-Fi, an LCD panel display, automatic audio gain control, video compression, engineer, double clock DDR memory, and a power-saving sleep mode, amongst other new capabilities.  With its increased power, the new magicJack WiFi is expected to provide exceptional voice clarity and quality, with no background noise, whistling, or echoing.  In fact, during its preliminary testing, Dan Borislow, the CEO of VocalTec, was shocked at the quality of the call he received from the developer of the magicJack WiFi’s chip, using the magicJack WiFi prototype.  He stated that he could not believe the clarity of the call, especially since the device was so early in its testing phase. The new magicJack WiFi is expected to add other functions, as well.  In addition to providing high-quality phone service through the user’s high-speed Internet connection, the magicJack WiFi should be able to act as a Wi-Fi access point when it is plugged into a cable or DSL modem.  Additionally, the device may be able to receive Wi-Fi for Video on Demand purposes.

Although there are many other companies that provide VoIP phone services to their customers for a relatively low cost, the combination of the extraordinarily low cost and the exceptionally high call quality has made the Magic Jack devices the best devices on the market today.  Other companies may be able to provide low cost OR high call quality, but very few can match the combination of these two features that have been provided by the Magic Jack and the magicJack Plus.  This trend is more than likely to continue with the newest Magic Jack product, the magicJack Wi Fi.

Because of this potential for application in commercial industries, business owners are likely to flock to the device.  If the magic Jack WiFi has costs to consumers that are anywhere near where costs have previously been, small business owners can expect to save thousands of dollars each year on their phone plans.  This can help increase the profits of the business, and help encourage growth within the company, which is something that most small business owners have been struggling with over the last few years.

We will continue to follow any and all updates from VocalTec Communications about the release of the magicJack WiFi device, and will keep our follows updated as well.  For those who are interested in hearing more about the magicjJack WiFi and other products being released from VocalTec, Sign up for the Newsletter in the bottom right corner of this page.  We will be sure to update all of those on the mailing list about any and all developments with regard to the release of the magicJack WiFi.  We will not sell any Email addresses, and any Emails will be directly related to the magicJack WiFi.

This new magicJack WiFi device is anticipated to be one of the most widely accepted and utilized VoIP phone products ever! So wait for our next announcement.

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